My First Time Climbing Behind A Speedboat Essay

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My First Time Tubing Behind A Speedboat

The fear of falling was overpowering, it made me feel weak and scared. One Saturday my father, stepmother, little sister and I were headed out to our family's Cabin to go tubing behind Russ` speedboat on Lake May.
The ride there was pretty long, but it was fine, we were talking about being behind a speedboat I was honestly very scared about it. When we got there we took a look around the cabin and I almost hit my head on a ceiling fan. We headed outside, but before we went on the speedboat we went on the pontoon to see how small and secluded Lake May was. After we got back my little sister Piper and I went to change into our bathing suits. We headed to the middle of the lake on the speed boat with all the items and people we needed; the driver (Russ), the spotter (our father), the tubers (Piper and I), and the tubing equipment. We got far enough out Piper and I had our life jackets on we climbed onto the tube and we were off after we knew the signals. Piper did not like it because it was too fast so I had to put my thumb faced down all the way in the air and just as I did that Russ turned the boat I slipped off the side and Piper grabbed my handle so I fell off. After that Russ stopped the boat and circled around to me so I could climb back onto …show more content…

Next I hear the roar of the engine and we slowly started going, the boat proceeded to go faster and faster. As the boat turned the tube went out of the middle over the wake to the outside, the waves were pretty large and I caught some air and hit my head against the tube a few times. When Russ turned my body slipped backwards toward the back of the tube where my feet were in the water, I was able to use my knee to advance myself upward on the tube some to where my original position was. After a little while longer Russ slowed the boat to a stop, it was now Pipers turn and she did well at it

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