Pawpaw John Analysis

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“The journey will never go as expected, life is going to throw in some curve balls and wait to see what happens.” This is the central message to the story that my father tells several times a year anytime we are about to go on a trip. The story all begins with my Pawpaw John. Pawpaw John was a very loved and lighthearted man who was an avid outdoorsman. He grew up poor, so he was a handy man out of necessity. He embraced he prowess as a handy man and would always buy old run down vehicles and boats as fixer uppers. My father would start the story by saying, “going fishing with John was always an adventure.” He would then begin to tell the story of the time him and my mother had gone fishing with Pawpaw John at Angola’s lake. Since John was always partial to fixer uppers he had this old worn out 19 foot Duracraft fishing boat, which he had salvaged from the junk. They took this boat to Angola on a …show more content…

Once they got to the spot John took command of the trolling motor while my parents fished along the bank. Not three minutes into fishing a huge snake from one of the many trees that lined the lake fell onto my mother’s lap. She flailed hysterically trying to get the snake off of her and out of the boat. My father was able to grab the snake and throw it onto the bank. By this point my mother was done with fishing so they decided to head back in. Not fifteen feet into their trek back to the launch, the boat motor decided to quit running. This caused my father and Pawpaw John to start tearing the motor apart in the middle of the lake to try and fix the problem. After several hours they were able to get the motor running and make it safely back to the launch. The return trip home went smoothly and they were able to look back on the series of events that happened that day and laugh at their

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