Piermont New Hampshire: A Short Story

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We finally made it, the day has come when we arrived at Piermont New Hampshire. Our week long vacation in July has just begun! Even though it was a long two hour drive from Ludlow, it was worth the wait. The jeep wrangler, black in color had pulled up into the driveway. Its boxy structure covered with bug splatters on the windshield from the long ride up. It came to a stop, dad had turned off the engine and at the same time the both of us had let out a deep sigh. Feeling relaxation taking over our bodies, we let go of the past tensions we normally have when packing the car before we left. Dad, wearing his usual tie die shirt and black shorts with yellow stripes on the side pulled out the keys from the ignition and placed them into his right …show more content…

Dad just smiled and shook his head in disagreement. Normally the grass is ten times its size from the rainy days but lately it has been a dry summer. So it hasn 't been a problem cutting the grass around the cabin. Ah yes, the cabin, almost forgot to mention that. Built in 2011, it has become our second home. Its long, about the shape of a rectangle with a pointy metal roof. Six white windows and two doors. One is on the right side and the other is on the porch. Its a large french door that has the option of leaving one door closed and one door to open. The cabin also has an open porch facing west where we spend most of our time, especially in the early mornings while sitting on the chair and having a cup of coffee. Hanging on the porch were several wind chimes. We often joke about them, calling it trade winds because it had so many of them hanging up. Each of them making sounds as a gentle breeze blew. The green metal on the roof glittered in the sun, bouncing back to our eyes. The brown siding that we had just put up a couple of years ago hasn 't changed much since then, just occupied by spider webs and sometimes an occasional moth or two because it is our summer home. We don 't come up here that often as much as we want to because both of my parents work. The only time we get to come up here is when were on vacation or if Mom and Dad get the same

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