Gawaine Le-Hardy Character Analysis

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I’m sure you have heard of the knight school’s legend, Mr. Gawaine le Cœur-Hardy, but if living under a rock all your life is your kind of thing, then I’ll fill you in. Gawaine le Cœur-Hardy used to attend the knight school. He broke the record of most dragons slayed and continues to hold it. No one has been able to kill 50 dragons since! Many people knew him as the hero, but what most don’t know is how he accomplished the hero status or how he fell from the pedestal we placed him on. Although, Gawaine had his flaws. He can be described as an unmotivated pupil, arrogant and unconfident. I, myself, don’t share Gawaine's character traits of unmotivation and arrogance, yet, like Gawaine I lack confidence. As a pupil, Gawaine tended be unmotivated,…show more content…
After the Headmaster and Assistant Professor lead Gawaine on his own path to success, he started to go out to the bars around town after a day of dragon hunting. He celebrated every night with whoever he found out and about. Gawaine never administered any thanks, encouragement or credit to any of his teachers and peers. He would even go around town boasting about his dragon slaying achievements by wearing all of his many medals on his chest. On the other hand, I like to think of myself as humble. I tend to keep to myself and not gloat about any of my successes. For example, some teenagers after they finally obtain their AP testing scores, like to brag about what they received all over social media. Yet, even though I received a very good score, didn’t feel any need to hold that over my peers. Even now, I feel uncomfortable, as if I’m boasting for…show more content…
Gawaine skipped his academic classes in fear of standing out as incompetent. The rumor is, he demanded the Headmaster give him something to keep him safe while fighting the dragons. The Headmaster and Assistant Professor decided to award him a magic word, “rumplesnitz”. We all know a magic word is ridiculous, but the Headmaster did whatever he needed to get Gawaine le Cœur-Hardy out hunting. Gawaine uttered “rumplesnitz” previous to every kill, except for the last dragon he slayed before he disappeared. On this dragon, his 50th dragon, Gawaine forgot his so called magic word; to his surprise, he slayed the dragon all on his own. Shocked, Gawaine rushed back to the Assistant Professor and Headmaster, he then found out that his magic word, wasn’t magic at all. After finding out his whole career was based on a lie, two options laid in fornt of him: one, he could take this as a boost in his own self worth and thrive better than ever or two, he could let this tear him down. Sadly, Gawaine let his discovery rip him apart because he couldn’t believe in himself enough. He refused to go out into the woods until the Headmaster and Assistant Professor dragged his depressed, unmotivated body out into the woods in hope he’d find the spirit to hunt again. That was the last time anyone saw Mr. Gawaine le Cœur-Hardy. He didn’t believe in himself enough to keep fighting. Like Gawaine, I lack confidence in my academic and speaking skills.
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