Gaylord Nelson Informative Speech

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Gaylord Nelson was the governor of Wisconsin and the father of the Earth. He stood for a better and cleaner earth and helped to preserve the earth by creating earth day. At a time in history when people did not take a moment to pick up a piece of trash. Without Gaylord Nelson the Earth’s downward spiral would continue. In 1970, he created Earth Day and has helped the earth to be a healthier place for everyone to live in. On April 22, every picks up trash and plant trees but what is forgotten is why we have it.
Gaylord grew up with two passions that ignited him to take the stand and help the earth. Nelson grew up in clear lake Wisconsin. His mother was part of the suffrage movement The massive Santa Barbara oil spill and a river so polluted it actually burned, Cleveland's Cuyahoga River. Once that happened Nelson and the whole community knew that something needed to be done. The idea for a national holiday to be dedicated to the earth was genius to the people that care fo the earth but not to the government. In 1970 earth day was officially a national holiday and on April 22 it would be a big hit. “With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love,
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Since leaving the Senate in 1981, Nelson served as counselor to the Wilderness Society, focusing his efforts on protecting America's public lands and traveling across the nation to promote environmental awareness and protection. At the time president kennedy and the rest of the government did not take into hand the things everybody was worried about. And Nelson had to do something about it. The first earth day was an ingenious idea that solved everybody’s problems. On the first earth day 2,000,000 people participated in the peaceful protest and new way of
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