Gender Roles In A Woman Is No Man By Isra

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`Women have developed the ability to follow traditions while optimistic about the future. Through Isra, we can observe this in A Woman Is No Man. Gender roles are destructive to society because they force people to live a certain way. The book shows how beliefs play a big part in the role of a woman and how it can impact families and strangers' perspective on oneself . Gender roles suffocate freedom and expression to be one’s true self.
Gender roles are restrictive because they push women to “stay in their palace” not do what is best for them. Isra writes to her mother, “You’d tell me that women everywhere are suffering, and that no pain is worse than being divorced, a world of shame on my shoulders. You’d tell me to make it work for my kids.” (Rum, Pg 315) This demonstrates how faith shapes social roles. Many women have been educated to remain quiet and to deal with their problems on their own. Women are frequently advised not to end a relationship because of what others may think and for the sake of their children. The oppressed daughter is preferred by society over the self-advocate. “Often women and girls are confined to fulfilling …show more content…

“College again? How many times have we talked about this nonsense?” (Rum, Pg 64). This shows that there can be multiple perspectives on how women view the outcomes of their lives. Also it is shown how people influence actions that can be taken to make a change. “When children do not conform to the appropriate gender role for their culture, they may face negative sanctions such as being criticized, bullied, marginalized or rejected by their peers.” (Maricopa Community College, Pg 1) This shows how culture plays a part in whether or not a person’s perspective on gender roles will be changed negatively or

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