Gender Roles In Disney Princesses

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From the very beginning of Disney Princesses’, young children have received the wrong ideas on what gender roles should really be like. The story of Cinderella is about a young girl whos mother and father both passed away. However, before her father's passing, he remarried a woman with two daughters. Her step-mother took in Cinderella and made her the maid for her and her two children after the passing of Cinderella’s father. After being tormented and ridiculed, Cinderella was introduced to her Fairy Godmother. Her Godmother magically turned her beautiful to attend the Ball and meet the King. By the end of the story, the King finds Cinderella and she leaves her tragic life to be a wealthy and married princess. From this story, and many other similar Disney Princess stories, Ashley Bispo was able to write her article, “Fairytale Dreams: Disney Princesses’ Effect on Young Girls’ Self-Image”. This writing piece discusses the ideas of how stories like Cinderella have negative effects on girls and how they see themselves and/or others. Through both readings, it is clear that the Disney Princesses’ have given girls and boys an inaccurate understanding of gender roles in society through domestic responsibilities, one's appearance, and the ideas of marriage. When Disney Princesses’ were first introduced, their ideas on gender roles were very different from …show more content…

Men were supposed to be the caretakers of the finances, while women were in charge of cleaning the house and being superb wives/mothers. This was shown in multiple ways throughout the Cinderella stories. Cinderella took care of the household and eventually became beautiful enough to win over the heart of the prince. Her entire position in the story shifted as soon as she was able to become a wife and a princess. All in all, the story of Cinderella is a prime example of the way girls are misinformed on gender roles in

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