Gene And Finny In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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During a period of time there were two best friends named Gene and Finny. They are very competitive with each other on any activities they completed. One boy has natural skills unlike the other boy who has to work very hard for what he wants. The hard working boy, Gene does not like the way that Finny never has to put effort into anything to get what he wants. Gene has strong feelings for Finny, but later Gene wanted more recognition for his accomplishments from Finny. As the time pasted, Gene’s jealousy increases more and more over Finny’s lack of work for his achievements. This all began with Gene creating a fake friendship between him and Finny which then Gene grew more and more hatred toward him. A Separate Peace shows even your closest friends have the capability to betray you.
Gene came back to Devon School, an all boy school. While he was meeting everyone he met his soon to be best friend, Finny. After a while of getting Gene all settle in Finny’s wanted to hang out with him to get to know him. The boys found a tree and wanted to jump out of it into the lake. On this day they knew that they were going to be best friends. “We were the best of friends at that moment” (Knowles, pg 18) This is the beginning of the betrayed friendship. …show more content…

Thinking everything was fine, Finny did not know what Gene had in mind. Gene wasn’t as happy as Finny saw him as. The jealously took over Gene and caused him to shake the tree which caused Finny, his so call best friend, to fall out. After they got Finny help Gene went back to the scene and had a feeling that no one would have expect. “Is stopped in the middle of this hurrying day to remember him like and then feeling refreshed.” (Knowles pg 76) With all the competition with Finny it caused him to get injured and Gene did not care. The fall isn’t the worse of it all, Finny’s life

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