General Zarof's My Brother-Personal Narrative

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Rainsford hesitated. He heard the hounds. Then he leapt far out into the sea. Once his body smacked the ocean, the waves rumbled as they viciously crashed against the rocks. Thunder crackled violently in the air. Tides swished and swirled around in a whirlpool motion, beating the air as if starting a tornado. Rainford’s world became pitch-black. The only color he saw was darkness, and the only thing he heard was stillness. It seemed death was the only option. General Zaroff is a King in a Monarchy; what he says goes. Rainsford could not take it anymore and just like that, he felt absolutely nothing and fell into a deep sleep of unconsciousness. “Oh my,” exclaimed General Zaroff, “What is this I see?” General Zaroff towered over the cliff and
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