Generosity And Friendship In Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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In the novel The Bean Trees, Kingsolver’s belief that people survive through another 's generosity and empathy recur throughout the novel. This belief holds truth as many of the characters within Kingsolver’s novel find survival within the empathy and generosity they receive from others. The relationship between Taylor and Turtle reflect this theme through their mother-daughter relationship. Kingsolver’s belief also holds truth with Estevan and Esperanza’s situation and the help they receive. Kingsolver even weaves her belief within the relationships between minor characters such as Virgie and Edna as well as Sandi and Kid Central Station. The relationship between Taylor and Turtle demonstrates how people need the generosity and empathy of others in order to survive. In the beginning of the novel, Turtle starts out as an unhealthy and uncooperative child. “‘Sometimes in an environment of physical or emotional deprivation a child will simply stop growing…’ ‘But she’s thriving now…’ ‘Well, yes, of course. The condition is completely reversible.’ ‘Of course,’ I said.”(Kingsolver, 166). During a doctor’s appointment, it was then disclosed that Turtle’s previous disposition was due to the condition failure to thrive. Though diagnosed with failure to thrive, through the care of Taylor and her friends, Turtle was able to revert the condition caused by the abuse she was subjected to within her previous environment. This recovery occurred due to Taylor’s and everyone else’s generosity and empathy. In spite of the irony, Taylor’s decision …show more content…

This belief has been integrated into her novel The Bean Trees. Through her characters, Kingsolver was able to show the truth behind her belief. From Taylor’s care over Turtle to Virgie simply holding on to Edna to guide her, the belief that people need other’s generosity and empathy to survive was what helped those characters who

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