Gentleman Your Verdict Analysis

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“Gentleman, Your Verdict”: A Moral Dilemma 1. In my opinion, I don’t think the jury should convict Commander Oram of murder because he wanted at least some people to survive and to do that, many men had to die. The fact that he commits suicide makes a difference because if he hadn’t it would have made it look like he killed 15 other men so that he could survive. If he hadn’t commit suicide, I would definitely change my answer to ‘yes, he is guilty’. I don’t think that the other crew members are guilty because they didn’t have a say in what was done. Yes, Lieutenant Paull did hand out the drinks filled with poison but he didn’t do it knowingly. He only did it because Commander Oram told him to do so. I think that if there was a lesser…show more content…
The only way for a portion of the crew members to live was for numerous men to die. In this situation, I think that this was the best situation. I think that my personal morals do have been madealign with positively with Commander Oram’s decision partly because he made the best out of a strenuous situation. I think that if I had been in that particular situation, I would have done the same thing but alternately, I would have made everyone write a goodbye letter to their loved ones. That way, the families of those who died would have some sort of closure. I think that Commander Oram should be remembered as someone who made the best out of a difficult situation. I would say that it is possible to be a hero and a murderer at the same time. A similar example is war. In order for people to survive, people will have to be killed. I believe that he is something in-between a hero and a villain. To me it matters that Oram died because if he hadn’t decided to kill himself, I would think that he would be a murderer not a hero. 3. I don’t think that any method is the best approach of choosing who should die but choosing the married men who have families to support was the best option out of all of them. Another way he could have selected the survivors was to pick names out of a hat so it would be fairer. Another way was to get people to volunteer because if someone joins the military, they are signing up to put their lives in
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