Geomagnetic Storms: Luna And Mr. Grey

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The story starts off with Lucy saying goodbye to her girlfriend, Luna. She then leaves for the airport, and meets the person she’s flying today, a Mister Grey. They shake hands, and board the plane. About 2 hours into the 4 hour flight, a geomagnetic storm occurs, and shuts down the entire plane. Lucy attempts to find a safe place to land the plane, but ends up crashing into the trees. She is then knocked out. When Lucy wakes up, she finds Mr. Grey, dead beside her. She screams, and throws up immediately. She works herself out of the cockpit, and grabs any supplies that are still intact. She manages to find a warmer winter jacket, at least warmer than the one she has on, a first aid kit, some energy bars, and a few bottles of water. She also

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