Geometry In Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Do you know what culture used Geometry? Well, geometry was used in every single culture, but sometimes geometry was use differently. For example, Ancient Babylonians used geometry 's calculations to track Jupiter in the night sky, and the ancient Egyptians used geometry to help them build their pyramids the right way. Those are just two examples, geometry is used very differently around the world. There wasn 't just one person who invented geometry because every culture had someone who discovered geometry. All the cultures practiced geometry for centuries, they all figured out all of the rules and the basic facts and they keep teaching generations after generations.
To start off, Ancient Egyptians used geometry to build monuments …show more content…

Egyptians and Babylonians used similar geometry, but Babylonians used geometry to trace Jupiter. Babylonians were extremely interested in Jupiter, but then scientist figured out that they were also trying to figure out the distance it moved, in 350 and 50 BC. The Babylonians used a cuneiform tablet, which is a writing system that was made in about 3500-3000 BCE. "All of the great Mesopotamian civilizations used cuneiform (the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Elamites, Hatti, Hittites, Assyrians, Hurrians and others) until it was abandoned in favor of the alphabetic script at some point after 100 BCE"(Mark, 1). A handful of other cultures used cuneiform …show more content…

The first cuneiform tablet was used in 3,400 BC. Even though many people sort of had a little conversation through cuneiform tablet, they were not using a language. The cuneiform tablets never had real languages on them. Cuneiform tablets were not made with paper, it was made with clay, so when the Babylonians would use them they would engrave what they want to say in clay. Even though in 2017 kids might think that engraving in clay is hard but kids back then found it easy, they learned how to engrave in it very quickly. Today, we don 't use cuneiform tablets, now we have new devices to send messages. The last cuneiform tablets that was made was in the late AD

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