Stereotypes Of German Immigrants

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The German Immigrants were a part of the old immigration group that first came to America before the civil war and were most popular in the 1850’s-1980’s. Many Germans came to America because of high unemployment rates, the major political problems they faced in their motherland, and unbelievable hardships they faced in their household from not being able to obtain a job and support themselves and their family. German Immigrants faced stereotypes and mistrust of Americans when they first came. They also had to face a language barrier between them and others who don’t speak German also many Germans were ridiculed from their because of their religion and many faced poverty when they first came to America leaving behind everything they know for a better life. The German’s have contributed many things to America, which include ideas for the weekend, christmas tree, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny. They also brought sauerkraut and the tuba to America. Some main differences between these groups are that Germans came from Germany, spoke fluent German, they were protestant catholics, and they brought different costumes to America from their culture. The Italian Immigrants were a part of the new immigration group that later came to America after the civil war. Many Italian …show more content…

Another example of a nativist group that was formed during this period is the immigration restriction league, which is a organization that opposes the idea of immigrants was created in 1894 by a group of Harvard immigrants. They felt this way because they believe immigrants contributed to the poverty, overpopulation, crime, and Labor Union strikes, so they thought if they eliminate immigrants from coming the amount of social problems would decrease. They came up with the idea literacy requirement to limit the amount of new European immigrants that were allowed into the United States, which was eventually passed into a law in 1918 and did reduce that amount of immigrants that came to

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