Push And Pull Factors Of Germans In The 1930 To The 1880s

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In the 1840s to the 1880s, German farmers were losing land and lots of it. Farmers losing land is known as a push factor that made many Germans leave Germany. Some Germans left willing which is known as a pull factor. This essay will show some of the pull and push factors that the Germans had to choose from to come to America. According to the website needham.k12.ma.us The first push factor that made Germans leave to come to America was because most farmers were losing their land to investors for “more profitable fields of work.” Some of the more profitable fields of work was railroad buildings or artisan work. Instead of the Government loaning money to the farmers for their land ,farmers lost their land and received no money. Most Germans Sold their land and moved here to America because land here was cheaper and more of it. The website “Emigration.link” gave the second push factor. The 2nd push factor was the potato famine of the 1840s, which killed over “250,000 Germans”. This Potato famine killed people who ate the potato, because of the diseases inside the potato. People that didn't eat the potatoes starved to …show more content…

The first pull factor that made Germans come to America was freedom of many things that they didn't have in Germany. Some of those things are “political Freedom” which meant they left because of the government fearing that things could turn for the worst the communism wars everything you don’t want to happen, happen . “Religious Freedom” This meant they could go to any church they wanted and not just go to one church they don't believe in. And freedom from the German army.”s The people of Germany feared their own army because of the things they did, like the concentration camps and making the people of Germany life's very miserable. No less this was the case for almost everyone that migrated to America, but that doesn't change the fact that they still didn't have freedom in

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