German Immigrants And Native America

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America is known for its diverse culture and society. It is full of many races and contains various ethnic groups which help shape it and make it what it is. America is a country that was built by immigrants and slaves. The Germans and the Chinese were a part of the immigrants that helped to build the foundations on which the United States stands. The Germans were the first to come to America and the Chinese followed around 150 years later. They each had their own reasons for leaving their home countries and did not know of the obstacles that would impede them and their future. At a point in time, public policies had negatively affected German Americans and Chinese Americans by causing maltreatment, persecution, and death. Some of the first Germans arrived in 1683 in Pennsylvania and settled in a spot that would later become Germantown (Tolzmann, 2007). They had many reasons to come to America but two of them really stick out. First, the Germans were mistreated and neglected because of the religions they followed, and they came to America for its belief in religious freedom. Second, a lot of German were often poor and went through some economically hard times, so they came to America because of the economic advantages it would provide them and their families. The Germans were quite successful when they first came to America, but that would soon change.
There weren’t many public policies that affected the Germans, but the ones that did really hurt them. In the first place,
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