The Impact And History Of Polish Immigration To The United States

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Of the 30 million Europeans who immigrated to the US from 1815 to 1915, some of them came from the country home to the red and white flag: Poland. Beginning in the 1900s, a large number of Polish immigrants began their journey to the United States. What started as 1000s of Poles became 100s of 1000s of people starting a new chapter of their lives in the US. In 1910 alone, the census reported around 900,000 new immigrants that spoke the Polish language. Poles immigrating were known as za chlebem, “for bread”, as most Polish immigrants came to the US to make money and return to their countries. Although their return was expected, most ended up staying. Throughout this essay, the impact and history of Polish immigration to the United States during …show more content…

The Polish community has left a lasting impression on US society and has made this country a place for the better. Starting off being uncomfortable with the high taxes and low wages of Poland under restrictive government, many Poles began the long and treacherous journey to the United States via large ships and boats. For many, the US seemed to be an ideal living situation, with more job opportunities and better living conditions. After two weeks at sea, Poles both struggled and succeeded within the States, getting low-paying jobs but still managing to support both their families overseas and communities locally in the US. Polish immigrants integrated well into the country, creating strong groups within cities like Chicago and living happy lives with jobs, houses, and most importantly, community. Although they have blended and integrated well into American culture and society, that did not come with a loss of culture. Throughout the decades Polish Immigrants have lived in the US, they have kept their language, food, clothing, and traditions alive. As a country made of immigrants, Polish immigration has given the US religion, culture, and most importantly hard work. Throughout the second industrial revolution, Polish immigrants worked long hours with little pay doing the work many other Americans simply did not want to do. Along with reaping the benefits of their labor, their impact on this country can be seen in the way Polish culture and traditions have interwoven throughout society. The US has benefited greatly from Polish immigration, and it is clear that it has made the US a better

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