Gettysburg A Turning Point Dbq Essay

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Alyssa Fails
May 17, 2023
5th Hour
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Unit 6 DBQ Essay Rough Draft The battle of Gettysburg was a very long and bloody war. Many lives were lost and many were injured. The battle lasted several days and that is why Gettysburg was a good turning point.This happened on July first through third, in the third year of the war, day three of the battle. It was in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, when Lee took a train to Richmond where he met with president Jeff Davis to propose his plan of the invasion of the North. Davis agreed with this idea. Rumors drifted into Washington that Lee was on the move with his army. Lee wanted the capital, so his plan was to invade the North to get the capital. Once he got the capital then that was the …show more content…

The estimated Casualties at the Battle of Gettysburg, various sources. For the Union, 3,155 were killed, 14,530 were wounded, 5,365 are missing, this is a total of 23,040 which is about 27%. This is a lot of people who are dead or wounded from a war. For the Confederate 2,600-4,500 were killed, 12,800 were wounded, 5,250 were missing, this is a total of 20,650-25,000 which equals out to a percentage of 30%-34% of casualties. The Union and Confederate were close in the amount of deaths and wounded but the Confederate had a higher percentage of casualties showing more were wounded on the Confederate side. On the Union side the total of casualties at Gettysburg was 23,040, the total size of the army in December 1863 was 918,000, and the total men of military age (18-45) was 6,000,000. The total casualties for the Confederate army was 20,000-25,000, the total size of the army in December 1863 was 278,000 and the total men of military age (18-45) was 1,200,000. These were not the exact numbers but we're close estimates. The Union had a bigger army and more military men of age. Written by General Robert E. Lee to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, 1863. In the first letter sent, General Lee talks about the struggles they were going through. Many suffered during this time in many different ways and struggled to stay alive. They were losing many people and not only soldiers but Generals too. General Barksdale was killed,General Garnett and Amistead were both missing. Generals Pender and Trimble were wounded in the leg and had a lot of trouble walking so moving to different places was hard. Some Generals were wounded in the arms and others in the head. This showed that a lot of the important people were hurt which made it harder to move to new locations,make decisions,and control the

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