Why Was The Battle Of Olustee Important

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U.S. History
27 May. 2016 From Gettysburg to Florida: The civil war had many battles fought throughout the four years. Many known and some unknown, but it doesn’t make them any less important. All of the battles contributed to what our country is today. For example The Battle of Olustee had its importance but it’s unknown to many people. Although a majority of the civil war battles were not fought in Florida, The Battle of Olustee stands out and shows importance, because many people were injured or killed, it ended union efforts to organize Florida’s government, and it disrupted the supply of Florida’s cattle and other foods to the confederacy.
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For just the union casualties a lot were injured or killed. For example, The Battle of Olustee. N.P., n.d. Web. Writes “Union casualties were 203 killed, 1,152 wounded, and 506 missing, a total of 5,500 troops involved”. This shows just with one side of the United States how many people died in this “little” battle. It really puts things into perspective at just how significant this battle is. The Battle of Olustee. N.P., n.d. Web. Also states, “Confederate losses were 93 killed, 847 wounded, and 6 missing, a total of 946 of approximately 5,400 troops involved”. Once again the viewpoint on this battle changes when you realize just how many died. Another example is in “B.Gen.Finegan’s Initial Report.”B. Gen. Finegan’s Initial Report, “My whole loss will not, I think, exceed 250 killed and wounded. Among them I mourn the loss of many brave officers and men." This explains that the South lost and many will be added of their deaths because they were all so
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