Giants In The Earth Character Analysis

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Kyle Billingslea 10/16/14 Mr. Rainey Project Giants in the Earth by O.E. Rolvaag Section 1: Characters Per Hansa: The protagonist. One of many characteristics I say that Per Hansa displays in the book is ambition. I say he is a very ambitious person because in the book many times he has different goals that he seems to never lose sight of and if he does he would regain his focus right away for example one of the goals was to have a kingdom for his family and friends and if anyone got in the way of that he would not be stopped another example is when he was determined to make the trip to Sioux River with the oxen even during bad weather conditions. Another characteristic I say that Per Hansa has is intelligence. I say that Per Hansa is intelligent because he makes use of every material that he has and turns it into something useful and because he is a hands on type of person he is constantly finding different solutions for example in the book on page 299 it says “That in order to avoid littering up the floor of the house he twisted hay into fagots before he carried it in and that it made fairly …show more content…

One of the characteristics that Beret had was home sickness I figure is the word to use because ever since Beret had been away from her true home/ family she regretted the trip/ travel and wanted to return back and she started to get detached from Per Hansa over time as the both began to argue and she also started to become really depressed which was kind of breaking the family apart. She would always remind Per Hansa of going back home to see her parents and home but Per Hansa had his own plans for the family and friends. She is also very paranoid which can be a good thing but only to a certain extent for example she would worry about the family so much and if the family’s lives were ever in jeopardy. Also she is a very soft spoken literally quiet person that doesn’t say much but when she does its

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