By The Waters Of Babylon Character Analysis

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In the story “By the Waters of Babylon” the author revolves around the destruction of human civilization caused by World War II. Stephen Benet shows you the possible threats and dangers of war destruction, which comes to the theme of the story: the outcome and dangers of war. The readers learn in the story that this is long after human inhabitation and humans could be considered as “Gods” during this point in time. Whilst John (the main character of the story) is going east, where he is forbidden to go he enters a place, long ridden of the gods, which we know as New York City. It shows that even one of the largest and brightest cities known to man has also turned to rubble and fragments of buildings. John proceeds to explore the city, when he sees a sign that reads “Ashing” which he assumes was one of the leaders/rulers of the “gods.” We know Ashing is George Washington because of the subtle hints given to us in the story. “It had been made of white stone and he wore his hair tied back …show more content…

His father who is a priest. Johns brothers, and the forest people who refuse to live in the new ways like johns people. There are also the gods which are actually humans and a pack of wild dogs. The protagonist of this story would be John. He is the main character of the story and seems to have everything revolves around him. He seems to have obstacles in his journey which in this case are the antagonists. The wild pack of dogs and forest people are some of the forks in the road for John in his journey. John is a very defiant character. He does not listen to his father but rather to his heart when he is told that he should not go East. His character is also a static character, which is for the better. Had john changed throughout the story, he may have not ever discovered the truth about the “gods” and maybe would have turned around and changed his mind about traveling

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