Character Analysis: The Long Nights Of The Little Boat

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Horrific events can turn into days of remarklable wonder. In the story, “The Long Nights of the Little Boats,” by Basil Heatter, British troops were overrun by German Soldiers in Dunkirk. beThe need for them to be saved united thousands of random Englishmen to come to their rescue. The character of these men made them be the good people who came to the rescue of the soldiers. Positive Human traits make people successful which was witnessed by little boat rescuers traits, the soldiers traits, and my own personal traits. The little boat rescuers traits of single minded, ambitious, and courageous were what made this successful. For example in the story it states, “Suddenly out of the night came dozens of aircraft flares dropped by the German bombers…” Heatter continues, “Through it all, scuttling like water bugs, moved the little boats coming to the rescue” (Heatter 2). Showing how …show more content…

In the story it declares, “The amazing thing was the lack of panic. There was no mad scramble for boats. The men moved slowly forward, neck deep in the water, with their officers guiding them” (Heatter 2). This piece of evidence indicates that the men were calm because they stayed serene and steady when getting picked up by the boats. So, them staying calm helped bring them success in getting off the beaches/harbor. In the article, it states, “Steadily they went on with the work. Although every minute lost might mean another life lost, the men on the beach did not panic” (Heatter 2). This shows how the soldiers did not panic and were patient to wait for the little boats. This made them successful in reaching the boats. In the story, it points out, “With a last quick rush, the men turned and ran for the water” (Heatter 3). That proves that the men were fearless because they were not afraid to take the risk to run into the water and get to the boats. This also made the soldiers successful in reaching the

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