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How many species of animals are there in Glacier, when was Glacier established, and how long have people been living in Glacier. These are some questions answered throughout this research paper. Some other ones are, what type of animals swim in the lakes and what the real park is called. Glacier National Park, or Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, is one of the biggest national parks in the United States.
A national park is a area of land that is set out to be enjoyed by visitors for years to come. There are about 50 national parks in the US. Glacier National Park can date back to 10,000 years ago (Hamilton 10). The tried that lived there was the Blackfoot, they called the mountains “the backbone of the world.” Later people came for
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Glaciers are formed when snow falls in the winter, but when the spring comes it does not all melt, so the glacier is what is left behind. Glaciers move down the mountain only a few feet a year though. 20,000 years ago it was so cold that many glaciers could form, but now on a few glaciers do since we have a warmer climate. When glaciers erode on the sides of mountains it is called a horn, because it makes it look like a horn. On one side of Glacier there might be a thunderstorm but on the other there side it might be sunny. There is no view that this park is special for like Old Faithful but it is preserved for generations to come and to enjoy this national park (Hamilton 5). There is a road that runs through Glacier and the ice capped mountains that has many view. The road is a narrow and a 50 mile route, it closed during the winter and is re opened in June when they can clear the snow from off the road. Going to Sun Road was dedicated in1933. Visitors mostly fish and boat on the 500 beautiful lakes. It is usually to cold for them to swim in the lakes. There are many waterfalls in the park as well as tall mountains which the highest peak is 10,466 feet tall. There is also camping, cross – country skiing, hiking, and backpacking through the 700 miles of trail for the visitors to do( There are three visitor centers but only one is open all year

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