Glyphosate Case Study

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History of Glyphosate Commercial Use Glyphosate is a white crystal-like powder with the chemical formula of C3H8NO5P. Several researchers confirmed that glyphosate was synthesized in 1950 by Henri Martin who was working for a pharmaceutical company at that time (Alibhai and Stallings, 2001; American Chemical Society, 2010; Dill et al., 2010). In a separate research work conducted by the Monsanto Company, the chemists were able to discover two glyphosate-related chemicals that have weak herbicidal activities against weeds. Another chemist in Monsanto Company named John Franz synthesized other compounds based on the two glyphosate-related compounds and eventually found out the potential of glyphosate as a herbicide. Later on, the glyphosate compound was patented by the same company in 1970 that served as the main ingredient of the commercialized herbicide currently known as Roundup®. In 1974, glyphosate was utilized to eradicate annual and perennial weeds in crops in the industrial and non-crop…show more content…
(2014), glyphosate residuals found in the urine of both humans and selected animals including dairy cows, fattening rabbits and hares were determined using Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectroscopy method and Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay technique. Findings of the study revealed that the glyphosate levels in the urine of people consuming genetically modified or conventional foods are significantly higher compared to people consuming primarily organic foods. Specifically, the glyphosate levels in the former is approximately 1.4 ng/mL higher than the latter at P < 0.0002. Meanwhile, the glyphosate levels of chronically sick people is 0.2 ng/mL higher compared to the glyphosate levels of healthy people at P = 0.03. The results presented by Krüger et al. (2014) coincides with the results of the study previously conducted by Acquavella et al. (2004) specifying that 29 out of 48 farmers had detectable levels of glyphosate in their

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