Gold Can Stay Theme

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Childhood, the life where sometimes you get everything you want, when at other times, you have to take the blame for something serious. You have to appreciate your early, young years before it is gone forever. If you don’t hold onto your memories of your young years, you will never have to chance to appreciate your youth and innocence, and soon it would be gone forever. In the poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and the story The Outsiders the authors’ develop this theme of innocence and youth in similar and different ways. In the story, The Outsiders the author, S.E Hinton, develops the theme throughout the setting and imagery, ideas, and the author’s presentation of information in the story. Setting and Imagery does develop the theme in The…show more content…
The title of the poem develops the theme of innocence and youth. “But only so an hour,” the author included this quote in the poem to show that nothing lasts forever. Which means that you should appreciate the things you get or have while it lasts. The title develops the theme of innocence and youth by saying how nothing lasts forever like your innocence and youth doesn’t last forever. Setting and Imagery develops the theme of innocence and youth as well. In the poem, setting and imagery are used multiple times and develop the theme of innocence and youth. The author of this poem states, “Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf…” This quote is describing the setting that it is spring right now by using flowers to show it. The author is stating how nothing lasts forever and the leaves are falling down and withering away. This is using setting and imagery to show that innocence and youth doesn’t last forever and will eventually go away. Ideas in the story are also used to develop the theme in the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” Some ideas that were shown in the poem by the author is to appreciate nature and all things associated with it. Nothing lasts forever so you have to appreciate it while it lasts. The author states, “So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.” This quote from the poem lets us know that everything is coming to an end and nothing is going to last forever, so you have to appreciate it. And lastly, the theme of ¨Nothing Gold Can Stay” is developed through author's presentation of information through figurative language and sensory details. Figurative language helps develop the theme of innocence and youth in various ways. The author states, ¨Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold.¨ This shows figurative language and sensory
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