Golf Personal Narrative

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As I walked through Wahlert Catholic, I looked around to familiar faces and thought to myself this is the year I will put myself out there and try new things, and make new friends. Freshman Orientation, I sat in bleachers and thought to myself, What I am going to do with myself this year? To all freshman, sometimes you walk in not knowing what you may do but you will figure it out eventually. I made my decision on Golf. My freshman year, I played the JV team for the first time, before that I never played on a team. I am not what you would call good at playing golf but because of the great memories I have playing the game, intrigues my heart to ‘golf on.’ Every golf meet I had, my dad was right there next to me in the backround watching every choppy swing. Being on the golf team made me feel like I fit right in Wahlert. In the …show more content…

When my dad was eleven years old, he snuck out onto the golf course and taught himself to play. He caddied for the older players during the day. He really admired watching the better players play the game he loved. As he was telling me this story about his love for the game. I pictured the fresh drivers making contact with the white Titleist ball making it fly down the fareway. When I was growing up my dad loved to take me out. The best feeling is when he smiles during the game, it really shows how much we love the golf game. Before my Grandpa Tom passed away, my dad, grandpa, and I all went out golfing. I feel like that is the reason why I love Golf so much. Every April when the Master’s tournament rolls around all the family meets up and talks about the beautiful Augusta, Georgia. The fairways there are the most brightest beautiful green you could imagine. My dad and I are looking forward to going there someday. My personal favorite golfer is Rickie Fowler, he is to me the best golfer next to Phil Mickelson. Fowler is the cutest golfer, one day I would love to meet

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