Gothicism In Alice Munro's Free Radicals

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GOTHICISM IN ALICE MUNRO’S “FREE RADICALS” ABRTACT: Alice Munro is a contemporary writer, who is best known for writing short stories. Free Radicals is among her nineteen collections of short stories. The story does not answer all the questions for the reader.The story does not have any end meaning. The story uses the elements of Gothicism in a unique way. The article provides the detail biography of Alice Munro and her career, which will provide the reader with the insight of what made her a writer, why is her writings considered among the best. It will also discuss further on the critical analysis of the story Free Radicals. The definition of Gothicism and its characteristics.Elements of Gothicism in the story that made it a gothic one. Gothicism in Alice Munro’sFree Radicals Alice Munro Alice Munro was born on July 10, 1931. She grew up in community called the Reticent Scot Irish in Wingham, Ontario. This place is considered to be her own country, mostly all her stories centered on that area. As a child she had always dreamt of becoming a great writer, she has the passion of writing. Moreover, because she grew up in a county, for her to become a writer was not easy because …show more content…

She pour some wine for him and starts telling him her own side if the story. She said “I know what it’s like to get rid of somebody who has injured you”. She tells him that she had once killed someone too. She poisoned her husband’s former wife Bett, she gave poison made from the veins of rhubarb leaves (tart). He was neither surprised nor scared; he drank almost all the wine and started acting abnormally. He asked her to give him the key to her husband’s car. She gave him and he dashed away. Later the police men knocked on her door informing her that her car was stolen and the man has had a serious accident and he was

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