Hospital Security Operation Command Summary

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On October 30th, 2015 at 2116 hours, Florida Hospital Security Operation Command (SOC) radioed FHEO Security for a Disorderly Patient ED (51D). Officers Omar Alonso-420, Steven Evans-407 and Carlos Ayuso-415 responded to the call. Upon arrival, Security staff observed Nurse Traci Davila and Dr. William Kotler in Room ED #39 talking and advising patient, Christopher Sheets (MRN: 3028388/Fin: 84773293) about the risk he takes without seeking medical attention. The patient, Mr. Kolter wasn't combative, was just anxious and wanting to leave because he didn't know what happened and also because he didn't have insurance. Nurse Davila asked him if he wanted to call his wife and he agreed, after speaking to his wife, he learned that he was in a

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