Government Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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For a society so hooked on television and internet entertainment in so many genres, it’s strange how we never know what our government can be keeping from us. In Fahrenheit 451, the biggest topic Bradbury brings up is government censorship to make the reader question whether it’s good or bad. In today’s society, it’s been decided that it is, unquestionably, the worst thing to use concerning control of the public. There’s many cases of people censoring students at schools to avoid conflict, and the government withholding information from its citizens in all media. However, when citizens find out that they’ve been censored, all of these problems resurface. As a society, we’re never sure where we should draw the line on the topic of government …show more content…

Many of the parts of our history where we’ve lost a war or did something that we can recognize as bad is left out of the textbooks. In the movies Kurbaan, it’s recognized that the American government doesn’t recognize things that we have done in the past. One thing that’s focused on specifically by a teacher in the movie is our fight with Al-Qaeda. In a classroom debate scene, there’s important dialogue that points this out.
Professor: The word Jihad is mentioned in the Koran about 41 times. The words mercy, peace, and compassion are mentioned about 355 times. Contrary to popular belief in most western countries, Islam is a religion that practices peace and …show more content…

The scene goes on and on, until Riyaz proves his point. Up until many people saw this scene, they had no clue that the acts of the United States could ever be considered terrorism by other people. This seems like a crucial point to bring up in a history class when talking about any sort of terrorism. Censorship in this area is especially important to our education to help solve problems everywhere and improve our world. Another important point is that other countries with less censorship have less violent crime. If people get all their violence out of the way by watching graphic or intense shows and movies, then it’ll be settled. Studies have shown that real life aggression and any fighting not in the real world have no correlation. They have also shown that when people spend time not watching TV, they’re more likely to be aggressive towards others (What is Censorship?). To be more specific, playing violent video games isn’t related to any gun violence (Only a Game). Crime rates have dropped over the last few years because of the production of more and more violent video games. This is proof to the idea in which it’s okay to have violence content in

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