Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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It is amazing on how books written back in the early 50’s are about issues that are still around today. Fahrenheit 451 is a book written by Ray Bradbury. His book is about a fireman who’s job is to start the fires, burning books that are banned. Of course the story is about censorship in order to keep people from thinking intellectually. The firemen are meant to burn books because most of the population wants to keep moving and have fun; not to sit down and read a book. Surprisingly the book’s issues still have relevance today. For example; the book was censored because of the explicit language, and was banned because of the description of burning the Bible. A bit ironic is it not, but although the story includes some controversial subjects, …show more content…

The book has use of explicit language, and has ideas of violence just for fun. Youth should not be exposed to any of this until they can handle it mentally. There is also an issue of young students that are exceptionally bright being in a high school English class. For example an eighth grader is in ninth grade English, and he/she has to read Fahrenheit 451. Again, it all depends on the maturity of the student. Some may say, that if young children are exposed to adult situations. The situations mess with their developing brains. In terms of violence affecting youth; there is not a lot of books affecting children. Although there is more research on video games, and other media outlets. Back in 2006, the first Call of Duty came out in 2005, there was some research done on violent games on children through college students, “Although there has been...published a study in which 257 college students were randomly assigned to play one of eight violent or nonviolent video games for 20 minutes. After playing the game, the students were shown a 10-minute videotape of real-life violent acts...while their heart rate and galvanic skin response (both measures of arousal and stress) were measured. Students who had played one of the violent video games showed lower levels of arousal to the violent scenes. That is, 20 minutes of playing a violent video game desensitized them to images of real-life violence in the short term.” (Bennet, "Video Games Cause Aggressive and Violent Behavior in Youths." Discuss). Even though this experiment is about the affects of seeing violence; it is essentially the mental affects of the violence. Somewhat of the same concept of reading

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