Graphic Design Research Paper

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Graphic Design
Art has been a major impact in my life ever since I was little. At the age of six years old I started to show an interest in drawing , I would draw everything that my eyes would capture and since then I have not stopped. Art to me is the most amazing thing that has ever existed and I say that because i find it fascinating how something that started from a simple line , or shape can become such a masterpiece. Even though my career assessments said the contrary I know what I want to pursue in life and that's a major in the art field. I love complex things , I love to make my mind work hard , that's why I choose to dedicate my entire life into art , art is so simple yet complex. After careful consideration and based on what I understand at this point in my life , I plan to pursue the career of graphic design. …show more content…

Bureau of Labor Statistics Graphic designers are practical artists that express their uniqueness vision to design and produce creative projects from concept to completion (“Graphic”). Also, according to Tulsa Tech, graphic designers creations are intended to express ideas , convey information or draw attention to a product (“Visual”). Just like any other job or career graphic design has its benefits. For example it gives you the opportunity to express your creativity , not only you gain experience in fine arts but also in the business field and last you would gain strong computer skills. Creativity has never been a problem in my case , it has always been a fuerte of mine. I love to work on computer softwares like Photoshop , Illustrator , Indesign , so this is why i know that me choosing graphic design as my career choice is the correct one because it fits my strengths and

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