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Does happiness come from people, money, drugs, or within the mind? The truth is, it is all up to the individual and what they value. The “American Dream” prioritizes the idea of happiness and well-being developing from great wealth and working hard. This goes without saying other ideas of well-being. The Great Gatsby, written in the 1920s, is a book that depicts the dream. There are numerous differences between today’s society and society from 100 years ago; nevertheless, Fitzgerald’s vision of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby is similar to today’s ideals of the famous fantasy. While the dream can come from inherited wealth, the reality is it generally comes from working hard to become successful. Based on the analysis of The Great …show more content…

Martin in her TED speech shares that Americans live best when they are with the lives of their neighbors. (Source B) This indicates that being around a community motivates and allows people to maintain a higher standard of living. In connection with The Great Gatsby, readers can see that Gatsby surrounds himself with people through lavish parties and befriends his neighbor, Nick. In this sense, it helps him achieve a standard of living that is suitable and close to Daisy. Despite having fantasies and dreams, people choose to keep what they already have. They want to keep their families together and safe. (Source C) The quote exhibits that aside from all temptations and desirable dreams, people are more comfortable with stability which can be found in their families- together and safe. Leading to the story, aside from loving Gatsby and having a full affair with him, Daisy chooses to stay in her comfort zone. Her wealth, status, and daughter are what is comfortable to her. Some argue that people often leave their families to pursue a life alone. However, the best ideas and motivation come from a community, and it does not have to be family. (Source B) Furthermore, people visibly have put their status, money, and possessions first before their …show more content…

An interview in Source C shares that individuals care more about possessions and money than values, happiness, community, and care. This unfortunately reveals that the population works more for status than their own well-being. In correlation to The Great Gatsby, Gatsby becomes successful and buys his status whilst being unhappy and desperate. In addition, Tom and Daisy keep up a luxurious lifestyle and profile but are both deeply unhappy with each other. According to Martin, America is economically needy and demanding. (Source B) Insinuating America’s reality, everyone wants to live their dream through demands and material; hence, these high demands coming hard for the government and corporations to keep up with. Essentially, in the story, Myrtle is very needy and knows that Tom will spoil her with whatever she asks for. Daisy is able to get spoiled by both Tom and Gatsy, and these rich people are all seen to be materialistically consumed, just like the famous rich people of today’s society. Looking at the other side, people argue that happiness can indeed be achieved through money and possessions. Although this may be partially true, happiness comes from the soul and is truly dependent on the person’s morals and values. Money does not have to be a factor in

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