Greek Life: Fraternities And Sororities

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College, and college life is something you think that never ends but something that comes to an by a snap. As we come into college, we join in multiple activities and organizations to get involved. One of the highly-participated or known to be organizations on campuses are Greek life. For some students, Greek life is something new, but for others it was known as they become seniors, or from their sibling and cousins. A myth or fact of brotherhood and sisterhood?! As you walk through the sidewalks of the first few weeks, high volume music, lettered tables and others catch your attention, making you wonder if you should rush. Every college has Greek life. It is not something you can completely shut down. There have been incidents that put fraternities…show more content…
For example, some of the current requirements are service hours, GPA, attendance and approvals. Every school have rules and consequences set to the Greek system. The fraternities and sororities sometime do try to reduce incidents that can affect them. Such as in parties and events where alcohol is involved most of us have bystanders or sober friends and drivers. And in fraternities there are members who agree to stay sober and do the patrolling at the parties for any suspicious or harmful activities. An issue with this is that they don’t always completely stay sober. Some other problem are that many new members are not aware of the rules, consequences, opportunities, and requirements. These problems can be resolved by coming up with some rules and…show more content…
A study done through Journal of American College Health found out that “many students overestimate the amount of alcohol their peers consume, and start drinking to the imaginary drinking level” (Carter). Incidents due to misconceptions are common. According to Bloomberg News “more than 60 people have died in fraternity-related incidents” (Friedman). To avoid problems like this, the Greek life itself or advisors/directors can organize “talk sessions”. Getting members to communicate what they think about and letting them know what the reality is can help members to rethink. Having group talks like these within each chapter can help decrease misconceptions. You know what you go through. Majority of the fraternities and sororities know what are some of the issues that are put against them. They can try to improve the situation through talks, meetings, and committees. A small trusted group of members where the pledges, the new chapters or anyone that can go discuss some issues or ask questions or anything without letting everyone know and end up sprouting a gossip around. Another solution each fraternity and sorority can do is to organize meetings to let their members know without sugar coating what their philanthropy is about and their rule and

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