Greek Mythology: The Statue Of Zeus

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This statue of Zeus I recognized right away. A key attribute to Zeus is his beard and when I saw this statue I automatically assumed it was him. He normally is seen with a beard, looking like an older man, along with a lightning bolt. Even though he does not have any other attribute along with him in this statue it looks very similar to other ones that I have seen of him before. There are countless amounts of stories and myths about Zeus. There are ones about him children, his love affairs, his battles, and his hand in so many things that take place throughout other gods, goddesses, and mortals lives. Zeus’ birth story like many others was a dramatic event but I found it to be sweet and happy. Zeus’ parents were Rhea and Cronus and exactly like other gods Cronus was paranoid about being overthrown by his kids. Every time Rhea gave birth Cronus would take the baby and swallow it. So, Rhea finally had enough when she became pregnant once again, she goes to her parents and begs for help. She decides to give birth to Zeus in secret and gives Cronus a rock to swallow instead of giving him Zeus. Zeus is hidden in a cave and is surrounded by …show more content…

This story stuck with me after I first heard about it because in a way it was almost comical. Zeus was having an affair with a nymph named Io. He fell in love with her and wanted to keep their love affair a secret. While he thought he was, his wife Hera found out about it and she became enraged and extremely jealous. When he was with Io one day Hera appear out of nowhere and to hide Io from Hera he turned her into a white cow. Hera knowing what was going on asked Zeus if she could have the cow because it was so beautiful. He agrees and Hera has Argos a hundred- eyed monster to guard the cow. To finally free Io from Hera’s control he sends Hermes to slay the monster and set her free. After some time, he does and eventually Zeus transforms Io back into a

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