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The begging of gods starts with Zeus. Zeus is the god of the heavens and his also known as the ruler of all gods and mortals. Zeus is one of the most important gods because he saved his sibling from his dad and they became the Olympian gods. If he never exists there would be any of Olympian gods. He also establishes law and order, he looks after people wealth and is a father figure to all the gods. People worth ship Zeus because he was the biggest he is the most powerful.Zeus was born 700 B.C, his mother was Rhea and his father was Cronus. Zeus was the youngest sibling. When her mother was giving birth to them, Cronus had a vision where his kids would rise and over through him. To prevent this, Cronos devoured all his kids and a bolder. The young sibling wasn’t devoured and that was Zeus. …show more content…

Zeus was raised by a goat so when Zeus was powerful enough he would fight his father and demanded to throw up his sibling. When he fought his father, all came out grown up and together fought his dad and the titans. Zeus sibling were Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia. Hera, one Zeus wife’s and sister, wasn’t the first to be married to him his first wife was metis. Metis was the goddess of wisdom and was a titan. According to the mythology metis was going to have 2 kids one of them was so powerful that it would over through Zeus. Zeus being afraid, he tricked metis into Turing herself into a fly and swallowed her. Metis already was pregnant with Athena and made armory in her stomach. When that happened Zeus got such bad headaches, he told Hephaestus to bang his head with an axe. When he did, Athena came out of Zeus cracked head, fully grown up and armored. Zeus did the same thing his dad did but his dad ate the children and he ate his wife. So is Zeus evil like his

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