Greek System: Discrimination In The Workplace

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In summation, just because the Greek system does not cause certain issues such as: binge drinking, sexual assault, eating disorders, classism, homophobia, racism, transphobia and other forms of discrimination does not mean that it does not create an environment that allows these issues to continue. Greek organizations have a long and illustrious history of discrimination; one cannot support such a system without ambivalence. There is something inherently wrong with a system that still produces numerous examples of dangerous, violent and prejudiced behavior. Although it is wrong to stereotype all Greek organizations as inducing this kind of behavior, we need to ask ourselves why it is happening at all. Whenever one of these horrible incidents is in the news, a Greek member is always quoted as claiming that it is an “isolated incident”. If this was true, then why does it keep happening? For instance, studies have shown that at least one student has died of hazing-related injuries every year since 1970 (Source Two). Fraternities are simply out of excuses. Fraternities are out of excuses.

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