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Selena Campana
Final Essay
Summer 15
Phil 76
Why not to join a Sorority
When you start college you think your life is starting over and high school is going to be over but if you join a sorority or fraternity it will not. Imagine yourself being hazed, not looking a certain image. When you think you finally got out of all the miserable chapter in your life a new one starts, it 's just different people making you feel peer pressure like before and everything staying the say. Also having to impress everyone so they can end up liking you. Also a fraternity are more likely to sexual assault a girl at a party, trying to avoid anything that can ruin your life or career and get kicked out of school. The amount of money that you have to join a Greek …show more content…

Students in a Greek organization make the pledges do things that they might think it is funny and embarrassing for the new members. “Include a student at Alfred University in New York, who was forced into a car trunk along with several other pledges and forced to drink a fatal quantity of bourbon, beer, and wine” (Nuwer, 1990). This example shows that they force them to do it. I know if they say no they drop them and they will not be able to join that Greek organization. Another example as is “A pledge at St. Louis University died when he was forced to lie naked on a table and receive shocks while his skin was coated with flammable chemicals (MacLachlan,2000). Why would someone want to have chemicals in themselves and receive shocks? Greek organizations just torcher new members. This is why students always over think about joining because they get hazed and they don 't want to see themselves suffer and about reading in the newspaper or the news. “Peer pressure, direct or indirect, plays a role in patterns of alcohol use in college and in Greek organizations” (Drout & Corsoro, 2003). I would not join Greek life to be pressured in something I do not want to do. Also I feel like if you do not to what they tell you they don 't like you, why would someone feel like they don 't feel you 're good enough for someone that you have to prove something that they tell you to do. Nobody should be feeling …show more content…

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