Analysis Of Desperation Passes By Phil Hutcheon

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We frequently find out about sexual assaults through various news sources and survivors, but what instances are focused solely on a college or university campus? On school grounds, females are more likely to get assaulted than a male. Many will contend that a young woman, who is dressed provocatively or who has had an excessive number of alcoholic beverages, may have had it coming for her. In Desperation Passes by Phil Hutcheon, we discover that the outcome of a fraternity party affects the life of a young drunk woman, who is sexually assaulted by a football coach at a motel. Throughout the following, paragraphs we see how her story unravels. It is through her journey that we become more aware and empathetic of the challenges that she must face. …show more content…

Wade states to Durpee and Marston, who are football players, that ‘’Louis Blodgett told me I should talk to you two about Coach Lytle and the party” (Hutcheon 111). This is primary evidence that we can presume something occurred at the gathering which included Coach Lytle. To continue, it is not until the point that we later learn Larashawdria, a basketball player, was the young woman that was taken to the motel by Durpee and Marston. Given that Larashawdria was inebriated made her progressively at a higher risk of assault than other victims. This is greatly upsetting because this should not make her a target for sexual

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