Green V. New Kent County School

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Green v. New Kent County was an important court case from 1968 dealing with desegregation in schools. Calvin Green convinced the court to establish the laws from Brown v. Board of Ed into action, giving better opportunities to all students of all races.

Charles C. Green attended George W. Watkins school during Green v. New Kent. Schools across Virginia didn’t acknowledge the rules set in Brown, two of them being George W. Watkins for black students and New Kent for whites. New Kent started allowing students to opt for their school, but few switched and the students who did got harassed by their peers. Calvin Green, Charles’ father, decided to accompany this case to the supreme court. He said that the rules set in place violated …show more content…

In 1619, the first slave ship docked on the New Land. Not until 1825, were African-Americans freed. Even after the 13th Amendment had been ratified freeing all slaves, life for a black man was much different from that of a white.
In 1954 the Landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education occurred, stating that separate was unequal, but not everyone followed the rules set by Brown. New Kent County, VA. was one of them, there were two schools, George W. Watkins and New Kent. The two schools were equal in education; they both had prominent teachers, technology, education, but that wasn’t the problem. As stated in Brown, separate is unequal. Calvin Green wanted to put an end to this and caused Charles C. Green v. New Kent County School Board to occur.

Green v. New Kent County
1968, New Kent County VA. Calvin Green, the father of Charles Green, was tired of the way his children were treated. Students could go to either school, but only 2.4% of the students switched. The ones who did were being harassed by their peers. The teachers did nothing to stop

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