Grendel And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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Grendel in the novel is more similar than different to "the monster" in Frankenstein because Grendel in the novel is miserable, "the monster" in Frankenstein is alone, and Grendel in the novel realizes who he is or what he wants.
In the beginning of the story Grendel doesn’t understand why his mother and he have to hide from the men. He has no one to talk to and feels like his mom hates him because she is always ignoring him and doesn't talk much. Grendel feels miserable as if there was no point in living. "The world is a pointless accident . . . I exist, nothing else." (70) Grendel is showing some sort of depression, as if there was no meaning for him in the world. "The monster" has a similar feeling towards the world and how he feels. "The monster" also feels like he is being hated by his creator/father. He feels miserable among all because of how different he is. "who am miserable beyond all living things! Yet my creator detest and spurn me." (69) In this quote from the story "the monster", who is …show more content…

He can't go to the human world and converse with other creatures, he has his mother but she doesn't talk so it's as if he was alone. Grendel wants someone to talk to, someone that can give meaning to his existence. "Why can't I have someone to talk to? I said. The stars said nothing." (53) The fact that he is talking to the stars give the reader a huge hint that he might not have anybody else to talk to. Grendel also asked why he doesn’t have anybody to talk to, giving away that he has no friends. Grendel feels lonely and in need of company as well as "the monster" in Frankenstein. In the middle of the novel "the monster" has a conversation with Frankenstein, "These bleak skies I hail, for they are kinder to me than your fellow beings." (70) "The monster" compares the sky to the men and how kinder it is, revealing to the reader that the sky has too much meaning and that he talks to

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