Growing Up Tethered Analysis

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In the story of “Growing up Tethered” by Sherry Turkle, she says that technology changes our brains, our souls, and even our well beings. Growing up tethered is described as never being separated from another cause of electronic communication. The author describes the article as teens’ addictions to their phone and how it puts their life in danger. Teens always need a phone in their hand or to know what is going on. Sherry Turkle said that “these young people live in a state of waiting for connection”. Turkle also implies that teens need a phone in their hand and a quick response from a friend or friends from a sense of loneliness. Points in the story are made by the author to state that we are salves to the machine. Everything must be done on a phone. A text message, picture, or phone call is all just one tap away. Parents give children cell phones to keep in contact with their children but comes with the responsibility to answer the phone when …show more content…

She is constantly giving examples of people feel the need to constantly distract themselves to use social connections with others. “For young people in all of these circumstances, computer, and mobile devices when families are absent.” –Sherry Turkle. “I can just act how I want to act, and it is much freer way.” Turkle uses quotes like this to state her tone as electronic communications and phones are taking over us and controlling our lives. I agree with everything Turkle states, the evidence she provides, and the adolescent. Turkle did not explain parents being tethered or just teens being tethered. I believe any and everyone can be tethered. In the world today, it is getting more dangerous. So being tethered is reasonable to a certain doubt. It is never too much when it is a life or death situation. It is like picking up the phone calling or texting 911 when danger is around, so constant connection with people can never be too much when

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