Gucci Shock Advertisement Analysis Essay

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The male-dominated “Gucci” shock advertisement created by Alessandro Michele and photographed by Glen Latchford displays Gucci’s trademark “G” symbol shaved into the pubic hair of the model Carmen Kass, who is pictured semi-clad with a male model crouching between her legs. The female model pictured in the advertisement is portrayed as submissive and depended on the man figure; only her lower body is seen, showing that just her intimate body parts are truly important and have the function of satisfying the man. Her arms and legs are widely spread, which shows that she is in the total control of the male, who can do what he wishes with her and also there are no signs of her being not okay with the situation, which hints that this setting should be taken as the usual one. This advertisement is one of the examples which shows the inequality between men and women all over the world.
Our world is known as the male dominated one. Most women throughout history were enslaved by men. Women in the Middle East, Europe and Asia were unable to have any influence over the political and social lives of their societies. Mostly men are the ones, who govern different countries and make important decisions. …show more content…

The advertisement shows that women are silenced, because they have no say, in this particular example, it shows how man fully controls sexual life between man and woman. It gives the viewers feeling that women are there to satisfy men’s need, therefore only intimate parts are necessary, such as breast and lower body. It pictures women as less important and not as smart as man is. It almost gives a feeling that women’s brain is useless. The image also reveals emotional dependence on man. The model’s arms were wide open, making it easy for man to access her heart. The female portrayed as lifeless, marginalized and fully controlled

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