Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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Unfortunately, these tragedies don’t just befall teenagers, they also involve younger children. One crime in particular was the murder of eighty-seven-year-old Marie Smothers, who was shot and killed in a mobile home park in Slaughter, Louisiana by her eight-year-old grandson. According to the police this terrible tragedy may have been influenced by Grand Theft Auto IV, since the child was playing this video game prior to the homicide. In this case the link between violence and video games seems more prevalent than other crimes because relatives of the victim and friends of the family said that “the victim and the juvenile had a normal and loving relationship.” (Lauren Russell) However, even if the video game caused some sort of impulse in …show more content…

Numbers like that are baffling, however they need to be taken into consideration in order to protect children, but due to the world today, people care more about their guns than they do about actual people and do not care about the consequences. Regrettably, this debate of gun control hasn’t taken a lot of steps forward and doesn’t seem like it will anytime soon. Since, today if a person wants to obtain a firearm and they’re either underage of they’ve had trouble with the law, then all they have to do is find somebody with a clean background, who is of legal age and is willing to purchase a firearm for them. There are also other ways that children are able to obtain firearms. For example, 30% of households have firearms and few, if any, locks them up and even less than that have child safety locks. Regardless, a majority of kids growing up, more so boys than girls want to play with imaginary guns. Whether its cowboys and Indians or in this case video games, guns will always be a toy in the eyes of children, but it is the job of adults to make sure that firearms are out of the reach of

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