Video Games Underage Children Essay

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This report aims to clarify how the video games change the underage children and analyse if the video games are good for the underage children.

2.0The Issue and background to the debate.
After the smart phone have been invented, we can see people playing video games everywhere. The number of the population of the video game players is skyrocketing. According to Takahashi (2013), there is more than 1.2 billion video game players in the world. As the view of playing video games are different from one to the other, there is a debate about the video games. The common concepts: video game is an evil thing that caused poor academic performance (Skoric, Teo, & Leo, 2009), video game addiction is easy to form if underage children …show more content…

As a result, when we see something evil, we can learn from it and do it in our real life. However, through playing video games, we can always see violent actions unexpectedly especially playing the war or shooting video games. According to the article - 10 Deaths Caused by Video Games, there is a guy who calls Devin Moore is a video player. He loves to play grand theft auto which is a popular game that allows you to control a person to kill others. One day, when Devin Moore was brought to police station because of the suspicion of stealing a vehicle, he took a gun and killed three people. When he was caught, he said that life is like a video game which means he killed people as he was assuming the real world and the virtual world are the same. Thus, this was a tragedy which was caused by playing video games.

5.1.2Video games cause an addiction
Video games are very charming to video game players. Consequently, many underage video game players who have not enough self-discipline will have an addiction to playing video games. Once underage children have a video game addiction, playing video games will replace their self-study time and result in poor school performance (S.R. Burgess, M.C.R. Burgess, & Stermer, 2012). Even more, video game addiction badly affects underage children’s lifestyle, the worst, put their life at risk.

5.2Video games give underage children

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