Video Game Addiction

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This report aims to clarify how the video games change the underage children and analyse if the video games are good for the underage children.

2.0The Issue and background to the debate.
After the smart phone have been invented, we can see people playing video games everywhere. The number of the population of the video game players is skyrocketing. According to Takahashi (2013), there is more than 1.2 billion video game players in the world. As the view of playing video games are different from one to the other, there is a debate about the video games. The common concepts: video game is an evil thing that caused poor academic performance (Skoric, Teo, & Leo, 2009), video game addiction is easy to form if underage children
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Consequently, many underage video game players who have not enough self-discipline will have an addiction to playing video games. Once underage children have a video game addiction, playing video games will replace their self-study time and result in poor school performance (S.R. Burgess, M.C.R. Burgess, & Stermer, 2012). Even more, video game addiction badly affects underage children’s lifestyle, the worst, put their life at risk.

5.2Video games give underage children happiness
After the smart phone has invented, people who are in different sex, race, country, age play video games everywhere as they can be entertained by playing it.

5.2.1A entertaining resource which can be available anywhere and fit for any kind of people
Video games on mobile phones are useful invention that people in the world can attain happiness without contacting with other expensive devices like high performance computer and specific place or time (Geeniie, 2013). However, when video game players play video games on computers or arcade games, they can get a slightly different feeling which indicates that video games can always be suitable for any kind of entertainment that people need. Moreover, it is easy to get access to it as amusement arcades are everywhere nowadays which are commonly locate at shopping malls. Even more, there are lots of types of video games that allow us to play such as action games, role playing games and racing games(Types of video games) which means that we will not get bored with playing the familiar video

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