Gun Control Laws Will Not Save Lives Summary

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Ryan Clark Adeline Mitchell English 125 22 July 2015 An Annotated Bibliography Wright, Stephen E. "Gun Control Laws Will Not Save Lives." Guns and Crime. Ed. Christine Watkins. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. At Issue. Rpt. from "Anti-Gun Group Common Sense Gun Laws and Real Common Sense." 2010. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 20 July 2015. In the article Gun Control Laws Will Not save Lives, Wright analyzes various laws, supported by pro gun control advocates such as limitations on handgun purchases, as well as magazine capacity. He believes that new rules and restrictions on firearms, will have little to no effect on accidental shootings, as well as mass murders. The writer is a reliable source in the…show more content…
Dr. Reid Meloy gives the author his opinion on the mental health issue behind the national gun control debate. Dr. Meloy believes that mental illnesses cannot and should not be the excuse for gun violence. He is a noted psychologist who has written books and worked for the FBI and CIA, so I believe he is extremely reliable. Also, this blog was posted in February of 2015, so it is more recent than other articles I’ve read about my topic. I used the interview with Dr Meloy in my argument and rebuttal of the mental health issue behind this controversy. This man seems to be extremely educated which legitimizes my…show more content…
"Assault-Style Weapons In The Civilian Market." NPR. NPR, 20 Dec. 2015. Web. http:// This article is about the dangers of being able to purchase military assault style weapons in the legal market. It includes an interview with Tom Diaz who is a policy analyst for the Violence Policy Center. He tells us that weapons like the one used in the Newtown massacre were originally created for military use only. I used the information in this article for one of my sources that argued how the option to purchase these assault style weapons should be illegal. This source is extremely reliable because it was posted right after the Newtown shooting and because it is published on NPR’s website. Elkins, Zachary. The New York Times. N.p., n.d. Web. This source is about the second amendment and clearly states what the Constitution has written about the right to bear arms. This article is from the New York Times and the author believes there is no need to revise or rewrite the Constitution. I used this source in my argument about the second amendment and in the rebuttal against it. Since this article is published by a man who is pro-second amendment, it shows me a side of the topic that I personally do not believe in. This helps me be more educated about the second amendment, that way my paper will not be so biased. The credibility is obviously valid since this is an article from the New York Times. I am assuming
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