Gun Control: The Fifth Amendment

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According to the LA Times report on the Gardena Police Department shooting, this is what happen: The grainy videos, captured by cameras mounted in two patrol cars, show three men mistakenly suspected of stealing a bicycle standing in a street under the glare of police lights. With their weapons trained on the men, officers scream at them to keep their hands up. While two of the men in the videos remain motionless, Diaz Zeferino appears confused by the officers’ instructions. He drops and raises his arms repeatedly, showing the officers his hands and stepping backward and then forward a few paces. A laser dot from an officers’ pistol can be seen on his shirt. After Diaz Zeferino removes a baseball cap from his head, officers standing to the …show more content…

Const. amend.V) The 5th Amendment consists of rights that are meant to defend citizens in the event that the Government attempts to outsmart its authority over the people. In other words you are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court. We are supposed to be protective of this kind of incidents that happened to Mr. Diaz. These are the facts of the law that these police officers should be following. They think they are some type of a Judge Dredd. They are becoming the judged, jury and the …show more content…

According the family lawyers no. One of the family lawyers says that you can se clearly that Mr. Diaz hand was clearly empty and in front of his body when the Gardena Police Department decided to murder him. He said that the police officers gave confusing orders to the individuals by the way did not talk any English. The officers did not complied with the Constitution. They decided to be the judge, jury and the executioner. The police officers should have done more to protect life. The police officers according to the Gardena police chief said that the officers involved in the murder of Mr. Diaz were back in patrol. Under California law, the outcome of the disciplinary investigation will remain confidential. In my opinion I watched the video. It did not appear that the bicyclist moved toward officers in any threatening way. I could clearly see he had a ball cap in his hands. His hands were raised when he was shot. In fact they shot both men and the second bicyclist had his hands up the entire time. I would assume police officers are trained in problem solving situations before opening

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