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Meta Description: Are you having trouble getting your hair to look the way you want it? Looking for a hair dryer that does not weigh a ton? Read through my Rusk W8less hair dryer reviews. Find the Perfect Hair Dryer for Your Style with These Rusk W8less Hair Dryer Reviews
As I have grown older, my hair has taken on less of a crazy look and my hair stylist no longer refuses to blow-dry my hair. However, there was one important takeaway for me that day – I was badly in need of a hair dryer and one that did not weight a ton! When I started hunting on the Internet, the Rusk W8less hair dryer reviews caught my attention.
A Feather-Light Touch for My Feathery Waves
I was no more than 15 years old when my hair stylist refused to blow-dry my hair,
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While this is a good option for those with very thick hair, women with thinner hair will not enjoy working with. With the W8less, you get to choose from 7 heat and speed settings that allow you to adjust the dryer to what you may consider to be the right choice. Whether you set it to low or high, it will deliver the right amount of power that will allow your hair to dry out without causing burns on your scalp.
· A rare combination of featherweight yet powerful: Finding a hair dryer that boasts the combination of lightweight yet high-powered is a rare occurrence in the modern market yet that is precisely what the W8less offers you. One woman on Amazon remarked that if you are someone dealing with nerve compressions or you find it difficult to hold on to a hair dryer for very long periods of time, then this would be the ideal product for you to work with.
· High on durability: The W8less has been found to be a very durable product, so much so that it has not recorded any substantial damage even after being dropped! One user on Amazon has mentioned that she has been using this hand dryer for the last four years and there has been no malfunction till date. It also produces far less noise as compared to some of the more budget options thus making it a more convenient option to have

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