Hairdressing Essays

  • Hairdressing Assignments

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    CURRICULAR LEARNING OUTCOME/S AND ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION In this unit learners will be acquainted with an assortment of hairdressing abilities. It will give the basic learning of hair and skin and various useful hairdressing exercises. The unit covers the outcome of the basic message techniques, and the method technique for shampooing and condition of hair. The unit will also empower learners to build up the skills of blow-drying, styling plaits, setting rollers and fundamental up styles through

  • Haircut Discrimination

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    What’s the best part about a haircut? The new style, the pretty colors, the straight lines, or the softness of your hair after the expensive shampoo and conditioner? All of them, of course, and if the haircut is done by the right person, it can make someone’s day. Let’s imagine, for a minute, though, that the haircut is done by the wrong person. All of these part of a good haircut can be ruined by this person. They can have hands too rough for the shampoo, or miss the straightness of the lines. They

  • Facial Hair Essay

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    25 Best Tips To Lighten Facial Hair Naturally: Facial hair is one of the most serious issue territories with regards to looking our closest to perfect. It makes one look obnoxious. In this way, there are sure normal ways that can help you with it! Papaya: Utilize the mash from a papaya natural product to help the hair all over. Propose blending papaya mash with drain to shape a thick glue. Apply this glue to dull hairs all over and rub the blend into your skin for 10 minutes. In the wake of

  • Essay On Hair Straighteners

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    Straight hair is always on trend. Seeing a manageable straight and silky hair is pleasing to the eye. If you are born with natural waves or curls, don’t get sad because there are lots of available hair straighteners that you can use to get that super straight hair that you want. Listed below are the five top hair straighteners based on the different reviews we conducted. In order to make sure you are getting the most value for your purchase, you need to choose only the best when it comes to hair

  • Hair Trimmer Research Paper

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    he personal grooming market is full of Remington’s, Wahl’s, Philips, Braun’s and Conair’s, which all offer to change the manner in which you trim, style, and maintain your facial hair. The Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial Hair Trimmer is one of the leading facial trimmers available, promising innovative stubble control technology that will reshape your trimming routine. The stylish and cordless GMT900 delivers on its promise, offering expert precision, ease of use and consistent results to all its

  • Process Essay On My Hair

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    How I Grew Back My Balding Edges By Tiffani Before wearing my hair in its natural hair texture, I was used to hair extensions and weaves. My hair is naturally fine, and the extensions and weaves made my hair look thicker. Everyone has their go-to styles and mine were braids. I would have them in a bun atop my head. Other favorites were weave ponytails and wigs both half and full. The quick weave was my favorite choice of style. The amount of unnecessary damage I did to my hair is huge. Looking

  • Hair Color Research Paper

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    Have you ever seen someone with an unusual hair color? Was it a neon, or a vibrant color? Did you know that people not only can have natural hair colors, but other colors like neon? It has gotten to the point of glowing neon hair. It’s all true. Using melanins and developers, a hairstylist can dye your hair any color of your dreams. First, what makes our hair dye, or gives our hair color? Melanins. There are two types of Melanins, Eumelanins and Pheomelanin. According to Hairscience “The cells

  • Social Work Case Study: Street Thug Barbers

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    Josh Malcolm smiles as he brushes freshly cut hair from the smock of a satisfied customer in the foyer of the Living Room, a daytime community centre in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Mr. Malcolm is there every Sunday, along with Ross Wilson and Cameron Sterling, to give free cuts and trims to the local residents in and around Oppenheimer Park. They have not missed a Sunday, their only day off of the week, since they started Street Thug Barbers. “I look forward to this every week. I wake up early

  • Rhianna Parks Research Paper

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    Rhianna Parks is a hair stylist and is currently working at The Studio Salon located in Stuart, Florida. Parks never thought about doing other peoples hair, and was originally in medical school studying to become either a dental hygienist or a physical psychologist, but ultimately decided to become a hair stylist. The reason she chose to become a hair stylist is because, besides the medical field, she attempted other occupations and they didn’t work out in the end. Also, styling runs in the family

  • Paytonia Narrative Essay

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    The Telling We told the people that everythings is top notch secret. So far, it’s staying that way. Today we are officially announcing war against Paytonia. I can’t wait. My hair and make-up’s done. Emeralda already put my outfit on. Everything is perfect. Sorry if I’m speaking in clipped sentences. It’s all I have time for. Okay. The Royal Train has arrived. It’s filled with the softest silk blankets and pillows. It has exactly 10 bedrooms, 5 with lofts, 2 each. Each loft has a white swing under

  • Personal Narrative: Redondo Beach Cosmetology

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    something I had learned to do on my own growing up, and also enjoyed doing was Braiding and styling hair/ Throughout my high school years I was a known as a hair braider I had many of my friends and family members coming to me to get their hair done. Once graduating from high school I pursued a career as a hairstylist, I wanted to learn how doing all type hair. Enrolling in Redondo Beach cosmetology school would center me in a diverse environment majority-white, so I can obtain the skills of learning

  • Essay On Hair Extension

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    With trends changing constantly, and the need to keep up with them especially when it comes to hair trends, they are some risky business! However, thanks to hair extensions you can keep up with any hair trend without having any regrets because hair extension options are temporary. Following are the different methods of hair extensions: Semi permanent, weft. Micro-weave: it consists of hair weft and micro ring attachments. Strands of the hair extensions are weaved through the natural hair and the

  • Traction Alopecia Research Paper

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    Traction Alopecia - Stimulating Hair Growth & Faster Growth Rate Traction alopecia is a kind of alopecia and alopecia is the loss of hair because of a particular cause. Traction alopecia is when you get alopecia because of a constant pulling or tension on the roots of your hair. You can get two kinds of traction alopecia, temporary and permanent. Whether temporary or permanent, traction alopecia can be disastrous to your hairs condition. I found myself in this position nearly 7 years ago. I found

  • Natural Hair Essay

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    45 Easy and Showy Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair How much time you would like to spend on hair styling each day? The minimum but without going out with a hair style that looks like an explosion happened on your head, I bet. Well with their thick dense hair African-American women are blessed and can have it skillfully styled into awe inspiring hairstyles. However, the contradictory side of the coin is the special care needed for kinky hair which is naturally dry and brittle. The aim of protective

  • Hairstyle Persuasive Speech

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    Hottest short hairstyles this year are sharper and more modern than previous years. An elegant look includes long short and long side bangs and bobs Shags Mussy Pompadour, even some of the most popular celebrities out today. If you are thinking about giving up short hair or simply changing hairstyle, then you might consider one of the six hottest short hair trends of the moment. They are : The pixie (but a modern version) The mussy shag The Pompadour The unstructured bob (still going strong!)

  • Remy Hair Extensions Research Paper

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    Tips for Remy Hair Extensions Why you are waiting for your hair to grow naturally when you have Remy hair extensions. They give similar looks like natural hair and are easy and time-saving at the same time. If you are worried about the unique texture of your hair, do not worry about it. Remy hair extensions are available in many varieties. Another amazing feature of Remy hair extensions is that you can reapply them as and when required. In addition, to boost your beauty, these products need special

  • Personal Narrative: Anna's Braid

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    One of my long life dream is to own my own business. I chose the name Anna’s braids for the name is because my granddaughter that’s her nick name I gave her. She loves getting her hair braided to the point her hair is down her back. Imarianna has inspires me to go after my dream. I would always tell her she can do anything her heart’s desire. I always wanted to help people of all ages. I became a nurse but that isn’t where my heart really is. I love doing hair I get to see a person at their worst

  • College Essay On Cosmetology

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    I have always enjoyed the art of cosmetology because it helps bring out people's features, makes them feel more confident, and there's always different looks for everyone. I remember when I would get my hair done, being so intrigued by the art that came from it. How changing the color of someone's hair can change there whole look, or how a simple haircut can bring out certain face features. When I first started doing hair and makeup, I was not very good, but the more I kept practicing the better

  • Hairtyle Types

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    There are different types of hairstyles that I see the most and they are braids, crochet, and sew- ins. Braids they come in many sizes like the jumbo braids and the box braids. Micro braids are the littlest braids that I have ever seen. Crochet is another type of hair styles that I see all the time; that is when the hair is so fat it looks like dreads when they are done. Sew in is the last one that mostly everyone gets because it takes care of the hair better than other styles. Whether one gets braids

  • How To Lighten Facial Hair

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    25 Best Tips To Lighten Facial Hair: Facial hair is one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to looking our absolute best. It makes one look unpleasant. So, there are certain natural ways that can help you with it! Papaya: Use the pulp from a papaya fruit to lighten the hair on your face. Suggest mixing papaya pulp with milk to form a thick paste. Apply this paste to dark hairs on your face and massage the mixture into your skin for 10 minutes. After massaging, wait another five minutes