Haitian Culture: Questions And Answers

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1. What were your expectations before you started serving this organization (physical characteristics, neighborhood, personnel, individuals you served, etc.? The first day I entered Sant La, I didn 't have high expectations coming in. Since Sant La is known to be a Haitian community center known to help the Haitian community. So as a Haitian American fluent in both Creole and English. I just assumed that I would be assisting older Haitians. 2. Use textbook information to demonstrate how your experience is related to course content. - Locate and write three key terms related to your experience in your textbook. - Write the definitions of each key term next to the term. - Explain how each concept is related to your experience. Since the beginning of this term until now, chapter 1 and 10 would most likely describes my experiences at Sant La. It is known that Sant La is a Haitian community and this place is heavily cultured (A system of shared beliefs, norms, behaviors, and expectations that persist over time and prescribe social behavior and assumptions) with the traditional appearance and viewpoints of a Haitian. Makes them feeling at home-Haiti. The ethnic group (People whose ancestors were born in the same region and who often share a …show more content…

How did you serve this organization? What were your responsibilities? As a volunteer with the mission to help, I did anything they asked me to do including any activity that was toward assisting the community as a whole that was not any of the employee 's personal use nor violated my human rights. Therefore the most important thing i did was assisting clients with online application and resumes. The employees would hand me the website where job positions are posted, and I would then proceed to fill out the clients applications with their information and correct any grammatical errors that would happen to be in their resumes. 4. What has this experience meant to you as a person, a college student, and as member of the

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