Speech On Haitian Culture

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On September Wednesday 23, 2015 I gave my very first speech about culture in front of 23 random classmate. They all starring at me, waiting for me to say something, I was already sweating just searching for my Power-point. I am horrified of public speaking or facing large crowds of people, my uncomfortableness showed through my speech. I choose to talk about the Haitian culture not only because it’s my culture because no one really know the real facts about the Haitian culture. My purpose was to present some facts and details about the culture because all people know about the country is that it is the poorest country in the world and when you google it all you see is ruthless images which is not all true. We have some beautiful places and a powerful history that people never talk about or really knows, so in my speech I talked a little bit about our story and the foods. …show more content…

I just went straight to the computer searching for something to put on the speech I knew it was not going to be perfect, but I was confident in myself, thinking I’m going to do an okay job however that was not the case. But the intro was perfect just how I expected it to be, the thesis was clearly stated. I engaged very well, my transitions were used effectively I avoided grammatical errors, my volume and tone was appropriate, my gestures were on point and so was my delivery because I didn’t let the nerve get the best of me. at that time I was full with confidence and ready to get it over, so I can finally have a good sleep without talking to myself and wow the

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